London, Rickman and broken glasses

In the year 2002 I took a quite rickety overland bus drive to London, just to see Alan Rickman in the award-winning British production of Noel Coward’s play „Private Lives“. Having just developed a huge crush on the actor after seeing him in „Sense and Sensibility“, nothing was going to stop me from this live experience. Even not the fact, a completely sold out play. It was its last week staging. With that in mind I left Berlin at the end of february in 2002.

Since back then something like cheap airlines didn´t even occur to my mind, it took me 14 hours, a nearly missed connection from Brussels to Calais and all my will to not throw up over the ferry railing, to get to London. Having arrived in London city, I paid unbelievable 50 (fifty!!!) Euros for a terrible room in a terrible hostel. The rest of my money I spent on the prospering black market in front of Albery Theatre for the ticket to the play. To make a long story short: It was all worth it. I will and cannot give a review here. Others, like the guardian or my favorite Rickman website have done it already and probably a lot better than Iever  could. I know for sure though, that this has been one of the best theatre evenings in my hitherto existing theatre life and I have rarely had such a good sleep like in this night. Alan Rickman´s performance in this beautiful play was outstanding and the soft baritone of his voice cast a spell on me. I sat in the second row with hearts in my eyes and a never fading smile on my face.

The next morning I woke up refreshed and happy, only to find part of my glasses broken. Nonetheless I had to make it through London, to make to the bus station in time. I left my crappy hostel and, half blind and completely broke, wandered the streets of London. Stopping at every street corner, I pulled out my broken glasses and checked my foldable city map (for the younger ones of you: foldable maps are similar to google maps, but made out of paper and you have to search for yourself). I managed to get to the bus station 5 minutes before departure.

I claim this to be one of my first traveling adventures, though I did not see very much of London.

What are your funniest and maybe craziest stories of traveling so far?


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  1. Nara sagt:

    What an experience! I’m from London and I can only imagine how stressful it can be for newcomers haha.
    Good read.


    1. thanks very much. I though have to revisit your home town with glasses on to see all of it and not just a theater and an actor. 🙂


  2. Lara Dunning sagt:

    That is some serious Alan Rickman love! 🙂 What a story!


    1. Yeah, fangirling really hard. 🙂 thanks


  3. Amazing story! Good on you for forgetting the money and going anyway. what a fun experience.


    1. Thanks. It definitely was. 🙂


  4. jessicalippe sagt:

    My craziest travel story is probably when I was eight years old. I stopped at a bowling alley on the way from Oregon to SoCal, and ended up with a visit from the paramedics because a bowling ball fell on my head!


    1. Wow, that sounds scary. But looks like you survived it very well. How did it happen?


  5. Annemarie sagt:

    Wow, that is dedication. But I totally get it; Alan Rickman was a legend. And you’ve got quite the story to tell. I hope you have revisited London since because there is so much to see.


    1. I was fangirling really hard, even though this word did not exist by that time. 🙂
      Honestly I have not revisited London yet, shame on my. But I am planning a tour through europe next year. So London is definitely on the list.


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